Michelle Murray.jpg

Michelle Murray - President   Michelle runs RCT, oversees the Board of Directors, and is the public face of RCT.


Kris Wilson - Past President  As the previous board President, Kris acts as mentor to the current President, assisting as needed



Janna LeBlanc - Producer Janna is responsible for all aspects of our Fall and Spring productions. This is a non-voting advisory board position.



Susan Olsen - Parent Liaison  Susan is the main point of contact for members for any concerns or questions and assists with proactive behavior support.



Debbie Knight-Marshall - Membership Chair  Debbie maintains the waiting lists, contacts prospective members for orientations, and collects tuition. 


Lisa Hara - Marketing Chair  Lisa distributes production tickets to all RCT families. Lisa is in charge of production posters, programs and other marketing collateral.



Donia Briones - Co Marketing Chair  Donia helps distribute production tickets and helps with production posters, programs and other marketing collateral.

Wayne Harris - Secretary Wayne is in charge of writing the minutes at board meetings, maintaining copies of these for membership review, and handles correspondence.



Rebeckah Ross - Public Relations Chair  Rebeckah promotes RCT productions. She also designs our marketing pieces, maintains our website, social media sites and creates the yearbook.


Michelle Cummins - Curriculum Chair  Michelle is in charge of Saturday School. She supervises the teachers and aides, reviews lesson plans, and assists with discipline management. 



Lise Lara - Treasurer AR Lise maintains our QuickBooks account, track RCT’s financial status, and provide financial reports. deposit all monies received in the RCT's bank account..

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Brianne Cervantes - Treasurer AP Brianne pays our bills,  issue receipts and checks when needed. reconciles bank accounts. She also assists Lise with the preparation of a budget and monitors it carefully.

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Kat Mantz - Ways and Means Chair Kat organizes fund raising events and general sponsorship opportunities.She also is in charge of raffle prizes and organizing the cast party for productions.

Stephanie Fyfe.jpg

Stephanie Fyfe -Merchandising Chair Stephanie runs the boutique at productions. She also  is in charge of RCT merchandise such as T-shirts, cast buttons and pictures.



Jackie Burns - Historical/Alumni Outreach Jackie Seeks and reconnects with RCT alumni in order to maintain relationships and establish a support base for the organization. She also maintains historical information about RCT's past.


Nick Chitwood - Grant Writing Chair Seeks to establish and build relationships with potential individual and corporate donors in an effort to increase financial support for the organization. 


Jami Johnson - Community Ambassador Jami assists in linking community needs and concerns with the function and purpose of RCT's mission: to make live theatre a positive, fun, and fulfilling experience for all our members. 


Michelle Ayers - Production Liaison Michelle assists the producer, board, and parents with production related issues and also assists with proactive behavior support.