Sureyya Tuncel.jpg

Sureyya Tuncel - President Sureyya runs RCT, oversees the Board of Directors, and is the public face of RCT.



Chelsea Unzner - Producer Chelsea is responsible for all aspects of our Fall and Spring productions. This is a non-voting advisory board position.


Kristen Bristow 2.jpg

Kristen Bristow - Parent Liaison  Kristen is the main point of contact for members for any concerns or questions and assists with proactive behavior support.



Donia Briones - Production Sales Chair  Donia helps distribute production shirts, posters, postcards, dvd’s and pictures.


Debbie Knight-Marshall - Membership Chair  Debbie maintains the waiting lists, contacts prospective members for orientations, and collects tuition. 



Susan Olsen - Secretary Susan is in charge of writing the minutes at board meetings, maintaining copies of these for membership review, and handles correspondence.



Rebeckah Ross - Public Relations Chair  Rebeckah promotes RCT productions. She also designs our marketing pieces, maintains our website, social media sites and creates the yearbook.


Michelle Cummins - Curriculum Co-Chair  Michelle is in charge of Saturday School. She supervises the teachers and aides, reviews lesson plans, and assists with discipline management. 



Lise Lara - Treasurer AR Lise maintains our QuickBooks account, track RCT’s financial status, and provide financial reports. deposit all monies received in the RCT's bank account..

Brianne Cervantes 2.jpg

Brianne Cervantes - Treasurer AP Brianne pays our bills,  issue receipts and checks when needed. reconciles bank accounts. She also assists Lise with the preparation of a budget and monitors it carefully.

Jami Johnson - Ways and Means Chair                  Jami organizes fund raising events and general sponsorship opportunities.She also is in charge of raffle prizes.

Stephanie Fyfe.jpg

Stephanie Fyfe -Merchandising Chair Stephanie runs the boutique at productions. She also  is in charge of RCT merchandise such as T-shirts, cast buttons and pictures.


Nick Chitwood - Grant Writing Chair Seeks to establish and build relationships with potential individual and corporate donors in an effort to increase financial support for the organization. 



Leah Alldredge - Alumni Chair Leah assists with outreach and fundraising efforts while maintaining the master RCT Alumni database. 

Michele Ayers.jpg

Michelle Ayers - Production Liaison Michelle assists the producer, board, and parents with production related issues and also assists with proactive behavior support.