Saturday School

Our acting school, The “Saturday School”, holds classes during the school year for 3 hours on Saturday mornings. We maintain a limit of 26 – 32 students in each class size to ensure that all students can fully benefit from both individualized and group instruction. Because we limit the size of these classes, there is generally a 2-3 year waiting list to join the organization. Students in these classes participate in dance and music instruction as well as in theatre arts. In addition, great attention is devoted to helping the children build their self esteem, confidence and public speaking skills; skills and abilities that will enhance their adult lives wherever their career paths will take them.

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Saturday School Staff

RCT's creative staff work with our kids on acting, singing and dance most Saturdays throughout the school year. They keep the kids engaged and interested in theater arts and coming for more each week. Many of the teachers are RCT alumni who are now teaching a new generation of creative minds.


Acting/Drama Class

RCT students receive two full hours of acting instruction every Saturday. Our amazing staff of theatrical educators are dedicated to teaching all kids the fundamental skills of theatre arts in a fun and supportive environment. They intensively work with each child to tackle acting, playwriting and speech skills so that they can apply them to all aspects of musical theatre. he young actor’s craft. The craft may make them stand out in front of a set, or thrive in a completely different aspect of life


Dance Class

Dance instruction is a big part of Saturday School. Each week RCT students work on age appropriate choreography, techniques and skills that challenges them to achieve their personal best in a positive and rewarding environment. Students will develop rhythm, coordination, and confidence. RCT's goal is to promote the love of dance and to create a solid foundation of technique, flexibility and most importantly fun.


Music Class

RCT's Music instruction is another large component of Saturday School curriculum. Music is the foundation for a things theatre, and our RCT teachers are dedicated to building each child's skills in diction, projection, pitch, and vocal expression. They learn how to sing in an ensemble and also have the opportunity to be featured in solo pieces and acquire the presence and vocal skills required to participate in theatrical performances.


Tech Class

RCT's alumni who attend high School have the opportunity to join the Tech Class. This class teaches students about the behind-the-scenes magic of a production. It allows them to gain valuable insight into what it takes to put on a production or performance. They meet weekly at Saturday school and learn about theatrical makeup, set design and prop creation.